facial skin

In China, Gua Sha (scraping) is a centuries-old procedure for enhancing one’s facial skin. This therapy goes deeper than standard face treatments, releasing meridian blockages and increasing Qi & blood circulation, ridding the body of toxic wastes, enhancing muscle tone, decreasing swelling, and eliminating interior heat (re qi). Learn more about gua sha facial.

An eye-popping effect without an equally eye-popping price tag may be yours with the hotly-anticipated Gua Sha treatment.

Guasha for the face

Black areas on the skin will vanish with this therapy, and the generation of melanin will be slowed. Prevent yellowing of the skin. Neither lasers nor other light sources were employed throughout the procedure.

Face Gua Sha for Glow and Lifting

Skin rejuvenation, pink, natural radiance, a slowed rate of skin aging, and a lifted appearance are all long-term consequences of face scraping. Dark circles and wrinkles may be reduced, bags under the eyes can be removed, and the skin can be hydrated with a full Facial Gua Sha. Skin issues such as eczema, rashes, and allergies may also be alleviated using Gua Sha.

  • Improve Qi and blood flow; Make the face smaller; Tighten the skin; Reduce wrinkles; Improve skin tone.
  • Get rid of skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and dryness;
  • to lessen the appearance of bloating and puffiness
  • Expel the heat that’s been trapped within you.

Facial Massage in Chinese Gua Sha

Facial Using a flat jade or rose quartz stone; this Chinese massage method scrapes the face meridians and acupoints. In the Chinese facial Gua Sha massage method, the Gua Sha strokes tear up the connective tissue in the face muscles while clearing blockages in the meridians and purifying the skin. All of these things assist in improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, which both aid in reducing bloat. Face Gua Sha, in addition to increasing circulation and reducing facial muscle tension, may have therapeutic benefits on the neurological system.