There are plenty of grills available in the Marketplace, but there are just some that make a huge difference when it comes to grilling. The Weber Performer Charcoal Grill is one of those models which are not just dependable and durable, but also high in quality and performance. This review will cover all you will need to know about the Weber Performer Grill.

General Description

When it comes to appearances, Weber has a reputation of producing very aesthetically pleasing grills which are completely admirable even at a glance. The Performer is not just any grill – it is among the best grills on the marketplace. Weber premium grill is a really versatile grill due to the excellent features it sports, but in aesthetic quality alone, it beats the competition. It has a whole system of a grilling bowl and lid, working tray, gas ignition, charcoal ash catcher, charcoal bin, wire bottom shelf, and wheeled body. You can easily perform all of your grilling tasks on this version, and you can also bring it from one location to another easily due to its wheels.

Stainless Steel Grilling

Weber proudly endorses this version in the marketplace with having only the Best and high quality materials and components. The measurements of the Weber Performer Grill are 40 x 50.25 x 28.5.  It is a steel cart framing which features extreme durability. The silver colour of the framing and the dark grey working charcoal and tray bin make the whole system not just weather-resistant but also age and abuse-resistant. The bowl and lid has various colours which you can pick from such as black, dark blue, and green.


This version has a lot of great features that not only maximize your Grilling actions but also make sure that all of the foods that you prepare are done to the bones. The 22.5 porcelain-enamelled lid and bowl is beautifully arranged at the side where you can readily access it. The Tuck-Away lid holder eliminates the need to place the lid on various places. You can safely tuck the lid and keep it from becoming an obstruction to your cooking tasks. The lid includes a dual-purpose thermometer that lets you find the precise temperature of the grill, letting you control the doneness of the foods you are grilling.

There are also two Char-Basket charcoal fuel holders which hold an adequate quantity of charcoal briquettes to prevent too large temperatures. The plated steel hinged cooking grate is not only very durable but also especially designed to make it easier for you to add charcoal underneath. The hinges allow you to lift the edge of the grate and make an Opening to easily install charcoals from the fuel holders. The weather-protected Chardin storage container is located under the working tray and securely keeps up to 20 pounds of charcoal.