love is a four legged word: Nenu Na Nestham

Nenunanestham is an excellent film which is made solely for creature sweethearts. You will like this film without a doubt in the event that you are a creature darling. This is a romantic tale of gundu and shanker. This film is truly heart contacting, it makes your heart pound and break right now. It will cause you to feel like it’s the world which is loaded up with affection. The entire story spins around Shanker and Gundu who is a canine. This film communicates something specific that canines are people’s closest companion. Do appreciate the affection for canines. Watch NenunaaNestham movie online on aha in telugu. Telugu new movies like this are beautiful.



Nenunanestham is an incredible film which tells the affection that a pet can show to people. It’s a very heart dissolving film. In the event that you give you the very love that pet gives you. We ought to consistently show the adoration which is appeared by canines. So the story starts with Shanker adoring his better half. They have an excellent relationship. Shanker is an auto driver. His life goes fine as indicated by his monetary dependability. One fine day a canine ran behind. He succumbs to the canine at the primary look. It is amazingly adorable and honest. Shanker begins regarding the canine as his closest companion. Beverages with, washes him and loves him to such an extent. He invests the vast majority of the energy with him. He names him as Gundu as it is his companion’s name. Due to that reason he and his better half have loads of aggravations. He simply needed the two of them, yet the spouse leaves the home and returns. He faces loads of challenges however Gundu is consistently with him and consistently attempts to cause him to feel protected and glad.

Technical Aspects:

  • The canine is great, the manner in which they prepared the canine to be so dynamic in the film is staggering. He was very adorable and lovely to watch him on screen.
  • The story, it straightforwardly hit the crowd most assuredly. It will cause you to feel like the world is loaded up with adoration. For certain individuals canines are joy.
  • The music of the film is totally legitimized. The entire music feels like you are in the film with the character.
  • The cinematography plainly could be better. The film is all outwardly not very good.
  • Edits of the film are additionally fundamental. It’s alright yet extremely straightforward. Since the story ruling outwardly isn’t significant.

Motivations To Watch:

  • It’s the best film to watch on the off chance that you are a creature sweetheart. You will appreciate how it vibes with affection.
  • The affection for a canine is regular and unadulterated, which liquefies the core of the individual right away.

Cast and Crew:

Cast: Shivraj,K.R.Pete, SamyukthaHornad,Govindgowda, RocklineSudhakara

Director: Srinivas Thimmaiah

Story : Srinivas Thimmaiah

Release date: September 2020

Genre: Drama

OTT platform: Aha Video

Watch Nenu Na Nestham movie with your pets. These sorts of new Telugu movies online are sending joy.