The 1612 error is a typical Windows error message which commonly shows when you introduce Microsoft Office XP SP1 onto your PC. This update brings a few uncommon changes for the Workplace set-up of projects, and thus has a wide range of necessities which Windows needs to stick to permit its establishment. The 1612 error shows when Windows cannot track down the different projects on your PC, and is for the most part caused when you have various stanalone Office items introduced on your framework – like Word and Succeed.

The error will commonly show in this configuration:

  • Error 1612. The establishment hotspot for this item is not accessible. Confirm that the source exists and that you can get to it.

The method for fixing this error is to fundamentally deal with the different establishments of Office programs separately, permitting Windows to manage them individually. The initial step to fixing the 1612 error is to utilize what is known as the Establishment Cleanup Utility from Microsoft. This is a program that Microsoft has intended to clear out any of the harmed records and settings that frequently cause issues for your projects, and ought to fix any issues that the installer you are utilizing could have, ideally restoring the 1612 error all the while. The second means to fixing the 1612 error is to separately uninstall any of the Workplace programs you as of now have introduced on your PC. Assuming you have any semblance of Word or Succeed introduced exclusively, you truly need to dispose of them from your PC so Office SP-1 can refresh the center records of Office as easily as could really be expected.

 what is more, you ought to likewise utilize a library more clean apparatus to fix any of the expected errors and issues which will persistently make the 1612 error show up. Vault cleaners are programming programs intended to wipe out any errors or issues from the library of your framework and check this The vault is a focal information base all Windows PCs use to assist them with running as flawlessly as could really be expected, and is persistently assisting your framework with reviewing an enormous number of settings, from your work area backdrop to your introduced programs. Sadly, the 1612 error is likewise one of the large reasons for issues for Windows as it is consistently being harmed. You want to ensure that it is not prompting any issues on your PC by utilizing a library cleaner to fix any potential issues that your framework might have.