Cgi proxy is the most widely recognized proxy programming accessible. It is in a real sense accessible on thousands of proxy sites across the web. It can permit signing into locales like MySpace and so forth It utilizes less bandwidth than PHProxy, however substantially more RAM!

Glype Proxy Script

Glype Proxy is a free online proxy script written in PHP. It permits website admins to rapidly and effortlessly set up their own proxy webpage. Glype Proxy is expected to be a quick and solid option to the generally utilized PHProxy and CGIProxy. Glype proxy has been coded with a severe accentuation on speed, execution and convenience.


Like I said, proxy sites need a ton of assets, so that is the reason you do not generally discover has that permit proxy facilitating. The ones that do offer it, charge much in excess of a customary facilitating account, yet we need to acknowledge this is on the grounds that it is anything but a great deal of CPU also. I realize that toward the starting you do not have any cash (or not very many bucks) so getting a decent facilitating or a devoted server is impossible. Fortunate for us that in the event that you search hard you might be fortunate and track down a free web have that acknowledges proxies. These are truly uncommon, yet they are not difficult to track down. A free web have will not be sufficient, yet it should cover everything in the initial 2-multi month.

 In this period you have the opportunity to zero in on promoting your site. You do not require such a lot of room, however trust me that toward the finish of your second month the bandwidth will be devoured. This is the point at which you should begin searching for a greater facilitating account. At this point you ought to have some cash (perhaps not in your pocket but rather in your AdSense account). You should know now if the site procures. In the event it does, than move to the following stage. Purchase a paid facilitating account and visit The specs ought to be about 500MB of space (even 1GB) and in any event 20GB bandwidth.

Advancing your proxy

Setting up the proxy is the simple part. You have a decent free content, a gorgeous free layout, a free facilitating yet you actually need traffic. On the off chance that nobody realizes that your site even exists than it is pointless. The primary thing to do is submit it to catalogs. A straightforward Google look for proxy catalog will return numerous outcomes. Submit your proxy to each free catalog until the fifth page of Google (this ought to be around 30 indexes). Registry traffic is not definitely, yet it is anything but a decent method to get some backlinks so the proxy will be ordered.