A Swim Spa is a counter current pool that additionally shares similar idea and thoughts as a Hydrotherapy and Hydro Massage Spa and Hot Tub. A Swim Spa is the ideal pool for the act of normal water exercise, swimming or even water running, with the solace and unwinding of the lovely mitigating warm water. Taking into account that all the working gear, Heaters and siphons are conservative there is even a chance of being versatile, a Swim Spa can without much of a stretch be put in a nursery, patio or even in the inside of a house. A rooftop or confined house patio is likewise a chance subject to the weight and stacking necessities.

A dip spa has numerous preferences some of which are:-


With a customizable water stream of somewhere in the range of 730 and 2.200 liters for each moment, the swim spa can be acclimated to every single style of swimming and to Swim Spa Ireland level of activity levels.

With a changing number of high streams hydro treatments rub planes, adequate siphons and air controllers a dip spa can make the ideal water stream for the power of activity wanted.

The water temperature is completely flexible and can be set up to 40ºC and can be balanced either for a swimming action or orientated to unwind or for exercise, for example, water running.

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A dip spa ought to have an enemy of slip floor joined with adequate profundity of express 130cm to 140cm so it can likewise be utilized for aqua jogging.


The water temperature of the swim spa can be kept consistently at the ideal temperature so it very well may be utilized whenever and in fact whenever of the year.  Swim Spa are generally equipped with LED lights, to make incredible lighting conditions and situations to be utilized around evening time.

Water treatment

In spite of the traditional pools the swim spa needs low support to keep the water clean and in its ideal condition.  An all around made swim spa will be outfitted with a productive filtration framework, with three cartridge channels and an adequate dissemination siphon.

Additionally similarly as with present day Jacuzzis a dip spa ought to be furnished with an ozone generator O3 to help filter the water.


With appropriate segregation and an isotherm cal spread the swim spa is extremely productive in the vitality utilization to keep the water at the ideal temperature.

To keep up the water temperature of a dip spa it will require pretty much 1 EUR every day.


A dip spa can be furnished with boards and a structure tempered steel or aroused iron and as all the hardware is amassed in its inside, the swim spa can be a convenient pool.