Our concern with BTO apartments is the lack of space Want to deal with halls and rooms that are cramped on a daily basis. But with the assistance of local interior design company Design4Space, we have got a few layout tricks up our sleeve. By thinking outside our typical box of 4 solid walls, that is we can get the most out of what we have. In the illusion of ceilings these 5, to glass room dividers HDB renovation tips will help change a cramped flat to a spacious home:

  1. Use glass wall dividers

An Apartment sounds enough, but not when each corner of your apartments blocked off talk about being trapped in your home! Following is a trick: substitute walls to open the area up. It is one of the basics in creating a space. You will find your living space wills brighten up.

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  1. Invest in mirrors

Mirrors are really helpful to provide your OOTD a final check before leaving the house, but can also be helpful in creating more room. Your house can seem double its size if used properly! However, make sure not to put it near furniture this will rather give the illusion of a household. To maximise the illusion of distance, consider setting a mirror or opt for mirrors.

  1. Opt for platform beds

We all may not be freaks, but no one likes having crap. Stacks of magazines, knick-knacks that are useless, even All and plastic wrappers this sesh. By having platform beds, method to hide that sight is. Platform Beds help differentiate between other and your place Places you may have your study to be separated by a barrier of sorts TV or desk console.

  1. Install floor-to-ceiling shelves

By using another way is floor-to-ceiling shelves. While many understand wearing stripes will make you look taller, not realise or skinnier that it functions for spaces too. There will also be plenty of bto renovation package storage space all your belongings.

  1. Try an open-concept toilet

If you are on the side that is adventurous and you are ok Glass bathroom dividers would be the best way to go it to bare it all opens any bedroom that is cramped up. There is also something about taking a relaxing Bath in a space while bathing in light.