home appliances

Split System Air Conditioning Microwave Ovens Washing Machines Chest Freezers Vertical Freezers Plus many more the foundation is a reliable source: Foundation is known for bringing cut edge technology in the home appliance only to scratch the surface of the company’s aim. The reliability is the main motive of the Dawlance and they seek to incorporate the same value into their customer dealing and company conduct.

Promoting the reliability in each field especially within the household appliances field is very important for the Dawlance and they make sure they get the same in their business. This extends to a great level of the enterprises from the top till the bottom. The founder of the organization Bashir Dawood who is a member of the philanthropic family has assisted in making the initial framework of the values that now guides the business and medical sector of the region.

home appliances

Vision, mission and value of the Dawood foundation:

The vision is simple and clear which is to make the Dawlance into a global brand by completing their basic missions (make the country proud through the unrelenting pursuit of the reliability) While the reliability is to maintain the core value there are addition five values that guide the foundations:

  • Respect for Individuals
  • Teamwork Communication
  • Openness & Candor Creativity

Their future missions are clear with the thought of bringing a difference to the youth and certain population of the world Bashir Dawood is here to serve with the best.